TBZ Kalpavruksha plan






1.What can I buy and Where can I redeem my Kalpavruksha  Plan?

You can redeem your Kalpavruksha  Plan at any of the TBZ-The Original stores by buying your favourite jewellery from our wide range of jewellery collections and also get the benefits!

Please visit our website www.tbztheoriginal.com or click on https://www.tbztheoriginal.com/store/list for Store locator & more details.

2. Can I redeem my plan & buy jewellery online?

As of now, you cannot redeem your account online and would have to visit one of the TBZ-The Original stores upon plan maturity to get the benefits

3. What do I need to carry at the time of redemption?

You are mandatorily required to carry your original Kalpavruksha plan agreement copy & one address proof /Id proof for redeeming your account.

4. Can my friend / relative redeem on my behalf?

A friend or relative can only redeem on your behalf if you’ve nominated him/her at the time of enrollment, by completing the necessary mandatory processes.

5. Till when can I redeem my account?

You are advised to redeem your account on the 31st [thirty first] day after payment of the last Monthly Installment, and within 30 [thirty] days from the Maturity Date, failing which the bonus amount shall expire.

6. Can I change the showroom selected?

The showroom you select during the registration process verifies your documents. Redemption of the plan can be done at any of our stores. Click here to see the list of stores.

7. Can I buy before the account gets matured?

Yes, you can redeem the account before maturity, However the  Kalpavruksha plan Discount would not be applicable in such a scenario.

8. Can I open the Kalpavruksha Plan Account for someone else?

No. The Kalpavruksha Plan Account holder can only be opened for self. The documents to be uploaded during registration have to be mandatorily for self only.

Queries on Enrollment


1. Can I enroll online in  Kalpavruksha Easy Pay Plan ?

You can enroll into Kalpavruksha Easy Pay Plan online or at any of our stores. Click here to see the list of stores

2.  Who can enroll?

 Anybody above 18 years of age with an Indian citizenship is eligible to enroll.

3. Can I change my installment amount after enrollment?              

Once the first installment is paid, you cannot change the installment amount. But you can add a new KP plan with a new amount at any time.

4.   Who is a Nominee? Who can I Nominate?

In the event of the death of the account holder, the account is transferable only to the person who is nominated by the account holder in the enrollment form at the time of opening the account. Minors cannot be nominated.




1. What are the available payment options?

There are multiple payment options. You can pay online using your debit/credit card, amex cards,  net-banking or you can pay at any of our stores.

2. Does the Credit/Debit card have to be of the same person as that of the Kalpavruksha Plan Account holder?

Yes, the account holder should use only self-owned credit\debit card. In case of net banking, self-account has to be used. 

3. Can I pay using all debit/credit cards?

You can pay using any Indian Credit or Debit card or Amex card.

4. How can I see my payment status?

Post payment via the payment gateway, the payment confirmation shall be available to view\download.

5. Do I get any payment alerts?

You shall receive payment alerts but this will happen only if you are not a DND/NDNC registered customer.

6. How do I know if my payment has been credited to Kalpavruksha Plan Account?

You’ll get a confirmation email & SMS (if opted for) confirming your payment. You can also go to ‘My account’ section and see your payment details.

7. What happens if my payment fails?

If your payment fails due to any reason, you’ll not be led to the confirmation page. In this case, you need to try to pay again after some time. TBZ-The Original will not be responsible for any payment failure due to any reason.

8. Can I pay all installments at once?

Yes, you can pay all installments at once online.

9. What happens if I miss paying installments?

If you delay or miss paying installments, the Kalpavruksha Plan discount shall be reduced proportionately.




1. What benefits do I get on enrolling Kalpavruksha plan besides the discount at the time of redemption?

    1. You get to be an encircle member-TBZ The Original Company’s loyalty programme and enjoy a host of benefits from over 41 stores.
    2. You can buy from any of the TBZ-The Original's showrooms across India.
    3. As a KP easy pay plan member, you get all the details of any offers at TBZ-The Original. Get the information advantage.
    4. You can get your jewellery checked for its purity for free at any of our showroom, you can also get it cleaned and serviced for nominal charges.


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Please feel free to connect with us on email: info@tbzoriginal.com , visit our website  https://www.tbztheoriginal.com or contact our stores.